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Chalkbeat: Meeting video helps illuminate podcast dispute

Chalkbeat has an excellent update on the Know Justice Know Peace podcast dispute, after senior reporter Melanie Asmar viewed video of an August meeting...

Pandemic increased parent schooling concerns: Poll

According to a story in USA Today: Schooling during the coronavirus pandemic forced parents to take a hard look at how their children were being...

Sondermann: DPS tests our capacity for outrage

Longtime commentator Eric Sondermann weighs in on Denver Public Schools board shenanigans. Spoiler: He's disgusted and dismayed.

DPS board restores some innovation school freedoms

A divided Denver Public Schools Board of Education Thursday restored some of the autonomy to 52 innovation schools it had stripped away in an overly-hasty move last March.

School closure guidelines don’t include performance

Notably missing from the Declining Enrollment Advisory Committee criteria was any measure of school performance. Instead, the Declining Enrollment Advisory Committee chose to focus on schools serving the fewest students.

Colorado’s teacher evaluation system undergoing big changes

"With the updated evaluation system in Senate Bill 70, signed last week, Colorado joins a growing list of states moving away from practices the Obama administration hoped would improve schools."

Colorado’s charter school law ranks nations’s second best

Colorado's charter school law is the second strongest in the nation, according to a national advocacy group's rankings released this week.

Why so many public school buildings remain closed

"Whatever is in their hearts, public school leaders have institutional, professional reasons to slow-roll reopening."

To test or not to test?

Should Colorado test its public school students this year to get some data on how the pandemic has affected different groups of kids? Or is the idea absurd on its face during a pandemic?

Colorado public charters net $2 million-plus in RISE grants

Colorado charter schools will receive more than $2 million in state grants to support innovative solutions to help state students affected by the economic, social and health impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Profile of Ednium, new DPS alumni advocacy group

An organization of young Denver Public School alums promises to be a force for change and inclusion in the district.

Boardhawk adds reporter, advisory board

Entering 2021, Boardhawk is doubling down on its commitment to community-focused commentary and reporting on public education n Colorado, with a particular focus on Denver Public Schools. We've hired a community reporter and have assembled a powerhouse advisory board.

Colorado, DPS see enrollment decline

For the first time in more than 30 years, Colorado public school enrollment dropped this year -- by 3.3%

Denver charter leaders ask to play a role in superintendent search process

Denver charter schools educate 21,000 students, more than 20 percent of the district's total enrollment.

New program delivers nutritious meals to Denver kids

In an effort to alleviate the disruption and rising tide of food insecurity brought on by the Covid-19 pandemic, the Colorado Food Cluster (CFC), a group of community organizations, is joining forces to deliver “Enrich-Kits” which include 7 days worth of free, nutritious meals every week to thousands of students.



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