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School board: Don’t send your kids to pandemic pods

Denver’s seven-member board of education has posted on its website a lengthy letter urging parents not to enroll their children in so-called pandemic pods because doing so could “exacerbate academic and opportunity gaps among our children.”

CPR: Teachers anxious about resuming school

Colorado Public Radio’s website has a long story this morning based on a review of school district teacher surveys. Teachers are anxious and in some cases feel as though their input was overlooked, or collected too late.

Hess: Are teachers unions overplaying their hands?

Amid the muddle messaging around reopening schools, teachers unions across the country are often proving inflexible in their approach, acting more as obstacles than thought partners, Rick Hess argues in a well-reasoned column. 

UPDATED: Vast disparities in parent fundraising hamper equity efforts

Records obtained through a Colorado Open Records Act (CORA) request show that of the 20 Denver elementary schools where parent fundraising brought in the most money, 18 had student populations that were at least two-thirds white. Those schools brought in on average $439,940 per school over the past three years.