Should parents be deprived of data on school performance because they might "weaponize" it? One Denver school board member said as much Thursday.

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Information is power, and the only path to equity

If you're like me and following the debate on proposed changes to the way schools are measured in Denver, you too may have concluded the color-coded school report cards -  known as the School Performance Framework or SPF - do not necessarily reflect the culture of a school, or how satisfied a learner your child might be - even at a highly rated school. Color me disappointed with the SPF’s efficacy informing parents.

Pandemic pods: Let’s share the wealth

"Pandemic pods" have the potential to widen already gaping opportunity gaps. But there are ways to minimize the negative collective impacts.

Threading the needle on opening school

Mike Miles, CEO of First Future Schools, has deftly threaded the needle in a letter to his staff about reopening school next month. Read the full letter here.

A little grace, please

Yes, education needs to change fundamentally. For now, though, we need to set aside our differences to get through the next year.

Missed opportunities on the Budget Advisory Committee

A member of the DPS Budget Advisory Committee reflects on how its processes and outcomes could have been improved.

How DPS violated its ballyhooed “progressive pay” plan

A deal cut last week between Denver Public Schools and the Denver Classroom Teachers Association blew a big hole through the plan to give the biggest raises to the lowest-paid workers.


CPR: Teachers anxious about resuming school

Colorado Public Radio's website has a long story this morning based on a review of school district teacher surveys. Teachers are anxious and in some cases feel as though their input was overlooked, or collected too late.

Hess: Are teachers unions overplaying their hands?

Amid the muddle messaging around reopening schools, teachers unions across the country are often proving inflexible in their approach, acting more as obstacles than thought partners, Rick Hess argues in a well-reasoned column. 

DPS delays in-person school until mid-October — at earliest

Denver Public Schools today joined several other large metro are districts and decided not to open its schools to in-person learning through at least Oct. 16.

DCTA-DPS bargaining over salary cuts streaming live today

Today's bargaining session between DPS and its teachers union will be streamed live, for those who like to observe sausage-making.

Diverse perspectives on cops in Denver schools

The vote to remove police officers from Denver Public Schools was unanimous, but opinion in the principal ranks is sharply divided.