In the days before mandated state testing, schools could hide their dismal service to these children behind vague, aggregated data that masked opportunity gaps from public view.

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Remote learning: A tale of two learners (and a mom)

I have now had direct experience with what many educators have known for decades: No two learners are created equal. And like most parents, I have a new appreciation for the work of our teachers, para-professionals, student support counselors and administrators. 

A love letter to my culture and a word for my teachers

While I love highlighting all things Black, I know that equity doesn’t come through Black history month. Equity comes from listening to the needs/desires of community, being accountable to community, and taking action to make systemic change happen.

An African immigrant’s perspective on the teaching of Black history

I challenge my fellow immigrants to develop an understanding of oppression that Black Americans face in this country. I believe it starts with education.

Reopening West and Montbello high schools draws mixed reactions

The Denver school board's decision to reopen two comprehensive high schools that struggled in the past is popular with some people, and baffling to others.

DPS glossed over real Black history

To me, it isn’t very democratic when pretty much every level of government is trying to keep the oppression of marginalized Americans intact. Unfortunately, I had to wait until college to learn any of this real history.

Can homeschooling liberate learning for families of color?

Overall, more than traditionally-schooled children, Black homeschooled students experience physical and emotional safety, score higher on math and literacy assessments, and are able to adjust to a variety of social situations.


Colorado’s charter school law ranks nations’s second best

Colorado's charter school law is the second strongest in the nation, according to a national advocacy group's rankings released this week.

Why so many public school buildings remain closed

"Whatever is in their hearts, public school leaders have institutional, professional reasons to slow-roll reopening."

To test or not to test?

Should Colorado test its public school students this year to get some data on how the pandemic has affected different groups of kids? Or is the idea absurd on its face during a pandemic?

Colorado public charters net $2 million-plus in RISE grants

Colorado charter schools will receive more than $2 million in state grants to support innovative solutions to help state students affected by the economic, social and health impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Profile of Ednium, new DPS alumni advocacy group

An organization of young Denver Public School alums promises to be a force for change and inclusion in the district.