A deal cut last week between Denver Public Schools and the Denver Classroom Teachers Association blew a big hole through the plan to give the biggest raises to the lowest-paid workers.

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UPDATED: Vast disparities in parent fundraising hamper equity efforts

Records obtained through a Colorado Open Records Act (CORA) request show that of the 20 Denver elementary schools where parent fundraising brought in the most money, 18 had student populations that were at least two-thirds white. Those schools brought in on average $439,940 per school over the past three years.

The inherent contradiction in progressives’ promotion of neighborhood schools

A powerful column excerpted here places the debate about neighborhood schools within the context of the Black Lives Matter movement. A provocative read, especially for progressives.

Do we have the courage to address systemic inequity?

Gather your allies and your strength now while our minds and hearts truly feel the injustices borne by our students every day. Plan bold steps that go beyond addressing symptoms and that finally cut to the heart of what we know is unjust with our system.

Magnitude of DPS budget apocalypse comes into focus

It became clear Monday that Denver Public Schools budget cuts are gong to reach into every corner of the district.

Parsing the “Reimagine SPF” debacle

Let’s, for argument’s sake, give these individuals and groups that want to eliminate accountability and measurement their way. Let’s stop measuring anything and just trust that teachers will get it right. Then let’s come back together in five years and see what our graduation, dropout, and remediation rates look like, not to mention our achievement gaps.

DPS employee associations’ budget priorities don’t add up

DPS employee associations are pushing for budget cuts that don't touch negotiated teacher pay raises. That's a tough case to make, given the $61 million in cuts that are looming.


DCTA-DPS bargaining over salary cuts streaming live today

Today's bargaining session between DPS and its teachers union will be streamed live, for those who like to observe sausage-making.

Diverse perspectives on cops in Denver schools

The vote to remove police officers from Denver Public Schools was unanimous, but opinion in the principal ranks is sharply divided.

Denver’s cops-in-schools program may end

In the wake of the George Floyd murder and sustained, impassioned protests against racist policing practices, Denver Public Schools is on the cusp of ending a longstanding agreement to host "School Resource Officers" in some of its buildings.

Wealthier districts, including DPS, may face steepest state cuts

Even more budget pain, and more grueling decisions, may lie ahead for DPS.

Ouch: Multiple crises slam teacher pension plan

The COVID-19 health and economic crisis is causing monster problems for Colorado's public sector pension system, which funds, among other thing, the retirements of public educators.