This week's Colorado Department of Education data release on 2020 graduation rates carries an unfortunate whiff of spin and happy-talk at a time when we should instead be trying to assess the impacts the pandemic has had on student learning.

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As DPS transitions back to in-person school, 40% of students of color attend remotely

Students of color in Denver Public Schools choose fully remote learning at twice the rate of white students, raising questions about whether the pandemic will widen already large opportunity gaps.

From the editor: Wishes for a new year

Images of hate-fueled extremists marauding through the U.S. Capitol help highlight how narrow and in some ways trivial the divisions on education policy are in Denver. Surely we can find ways to come together, or at least keep our disagreements civil.

DPS engagement leader discusses community involvement in super search

Alece Montez, DPS' Associate Chief for Family and Community Engagement, discusses how the district will use new tools during the superintendent search to improve the district's spotty record on engaging the community in important decisions.

Analysis: Amid pandemic, charters, innovation zone schools gained students

Denver charter and innovation zone schools actually gained enrollment this school year as district-run schools lost students.

DPS board approves 2021 opening for DSST Noel high school

The Denver school board approved a resolution Thursday evening allowing DSST’s Noel High School to open next summer, a move forced on the reluctant body last month by the State Board of Education.

In superintendent search, what is community engagement?

Anyone who has been around the district for a number of years knows that DPS’ history of failed community engagement efforts is long and unfortunate. Let's hope that is about to change. 


Profile of Ednium, new DPS alumni advocacy group

An organization of young Denver Public School alums promises to be a force for change and inclusion in the district.

Boardhawk adds reporter, advisory board

Entering 2021, Boardhawk is doubling down on its commitment to community-focused commentary and reporting on public education n Colorado, with a particular focus on Denver Public Schools. We've hired a community reporter and have assembled a powerhouse advisory board.

Colorado, DPS see enrollment decline

For the first time in more than 30 years, Colorado public school enrollment dropped this year -- by 3.3%

Denver charter leaders ask to play a role in superintendent search process

Denver charter schools educate 21,000 students, more than 20 percent of the district's total enrollment.

New program delivers nutritious meals to Denver kids

In an effort to alleviate the disruption and rising tide of food insecurity brought on by the Covid-19 pandemic, the Colorado Food Cluster (CFC), a group of community organizations, is joining forces to deliver “Enrich-Kits” which include 7 days worth of free, nutritious meals every week to thousands of students.