A DSST at Noel Middle School parent and staff member describes how the school board's decision Thursday to delay the high school damages a thriving community. And the divisive comments by a couple of board members rubbed salt in the wound.

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Board resolution delays Noel high school until 2022; DSST objects

The Denver school board will vote tonight to delay the opening of the DSST Noel High School for a year, potentially leaving 161 eighth-graders without a high school they had been expecting.

DPS board champions Black excellence, except in charter schools

The Denver school board's focus on Black excellence is important, but looks two-faced when board members are ignoring the Black excellence at a Far Northeast Denver charter school.

Remote learning has failed most children. Districts must pivot now

There is no need to mince words: Remote learning has failed the children who need it most. Districts must pivot immediately or be held to account for their failure.

If DPS board rejects DSST high school, it’s pure adult politics

Let's cut to the chase: The likely refusal to allow a new DSST high school to open next year is all about the adults.

From A+ Colorado: As October count starts, how many students are disengaged?

The annual October count, which helps determine state funding of school districts, is a good time to take stock of how engaged or disengaged kids are in learning during the pandemic.

At South High, no in-person classes through December

There will be no in-person classes at South High School through December, students and parents learned Thursday evening.


DPS board unanimously passes “Know Justice, Know Peace” curriculum redesign

Read a thorough Colorado Sun story on the Denver school board's unanimous vote last night to adopt a curriculum redesign that "weaves the narratives and knowledge of Black, indigenous, Latino and other communities of color into every part of the district’s curriculum."

Parents muzzled at State Board of Education

Read the testimony from parents about pandemic-related education woes that staff wouldn't let the State Board of Education hear this week.

The students left behind by remote learning

A long, balanced article from Pro Publica and The New Yorker illustrates how the pandemic is hurting Black and Hispanic students far more than whites.

Public education’s ‘meteor moment’

It's hard to imagine school districts and systems returning to the semi-functional 'normal' that existed prior to the COVID-19 pandemic. So let's seize the moment and make a great leap forward. 

Principals union wins board approval; details to be negotiated

The Denver school board voted 6-1 Thursday to allow its principals to unionize. The Denver School Leaders Association will have the right to bargain collectively with the district for wages and working conditions.