An elected mayor calling for the board to abdicate its primary constitutional responsibility of hiring a superintendent and former school board members making accusations without evidence only serves to confirm the view of many stakeholders that they can’t count on elected officials to tell the truth or to do the right thing.

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UPDATED: As pressure mounts on DPS board, will members pivot?

As former Denver Mayor Federico Peña and current Mayor Michael Hancock release a statement critical of the school board's handling of Superintendent Susana Cordova, will the board learn its lesson and alter future behavior?

14 female ex-board members blast DPS board for treatment of Cordova

Fourteen women who served on the Denver Board of Education between the 1970s and 2019 have written an open letter excoriating the current school board for treating outgoing Superintendent Susana Cordova so badly that she saw no option but to leave the district where she has worked her entire professional career.

State Board of Education slams, overrules DPS on DSST Noel high school

In an emphatic rebuke to the Denver Public Schools board, the Colorado State Board of Education Thursday ordered DPS to reconsider its decision to delay the opening of DSST Noel High School until 2022.

Senior leadership exodus continues at DPS

Five days after Superintendent Susana Cordova announced her resignation from Denver Public Schools, two members of her senior leadership team are following her out the door.

UPDATED: Groups urge board to focus on community, not politics in superintendent search

Speakers at a Sunday press conference paid tribute to Susana Cordova’s compassion, her focus on community concerns, and her deep roots in the city and the district. They said Cordova fell victim to politics and wasn’t given a fair shot by at least some members of the school board.

Susana Cordova leaving Denver; reaction pours in

Denver Public Schools Superintendent Susana Cordova is leaving to take a deputy superintendent position in Dallas. Her short (less than two years) tenure was marked by a 'flipped' board that constrained her authority, and a global pandemic that posed unprecedented challenges.


Former school board member Rosemary Rodriguez lauds Susana Cordova

"Susana has demonstrated the qualities that have earned her distinction throughout her career: extraordinary intelligence, educational expertise, personal integrity, diplomacy and listening skills, and a passion for collaboration encompassing educators, students, families and community," Rodriguez wrote.

DPS board unanimously passes “Know Justice, Know Peace” curriculum redesign

Read a thorough Colorado Sun story on the Denver school board's unanimous vote last night to adopt a curriculum redesign that "weaves the narratives and knowledge of Black, indigenous, Latino and other communities of color into every part of the district’s curriculum."

Parents muzzled at State Board of Education

Read the testimony from parents about pandemic-related education woes that staff wouldn't let the State Board of Education hear this week.

The students left behind by remote learning

A long, balanced article from Pro Publica and The New Yorker illustrates how the pandemic is hurting Black and Hispanic students far more than whites.

Public education’s ‘meteor moment’

It's hard to imagine school districts and systems returning to the semi-functional 'normal' that existed prior to the COVID-19 pandemic. So let's seize the moment and make a great leap forward.