Disingenuous revisionist history on Manual High School closure is misleading, shameful

Auon'tai Anderson was in elementary school when Manual was closed, and Marrero was in his early 20s on the East Coast. They would be well advised to read some source documents about Manual’s closure before making ill-informed statements. 

Neglected school safety in Denver: A call for accountability and effective solutions

None of us are arguing for "throwing children away," as certain board members have claimed, yet the current discipline matrix treats everyone as expendable.

Youngquist: Why I am considering a run for Denver school board

I know what it is like to teach in our classrooms, to lead in our schools, and to support principals as a supervisor, coach and mentor. Doing those things brings me great joy. I also know what it is like to stand outside of the school where my two children are trapped because a shooting has occurred.

Setting a vision for the future of Rocky Mountain Prep, STRIVE Prep

This summer, we will mark a significant milestone for education here in Denver. Rocky Mountain Prep and STRIVE Prep will unite to become the first cradle-to-college network in Denver, offering students educational support from 12 weeks old through 12th grade.

On DPS board, dysfunction is as dysfunction does

Members of the dysfunctional Denver school board despise that governing body being called dysfunctional, repeatedly and emphatically denying that it is what it so plainly is.

Adams 14 receives a richly deserved comeuppance

Somewhere along the line, the Adams 14 board and administration lost sight of their mission, which is providing the children of their district with the best possible public education. Instead, they became fixated on turf battles and maintaining control over where Commerce City children attend school.

The tide of public opinion has turned against DPS board, leadership

Once lost, credibility is hard to regain. When people no longer trust you, then every move you make will be scrutinized and criticized, and your motives will be called into question.

Poll results should prompt behavior change from board, Anderson

As criticism of the board has mounted since the March East High School shootings, and calls for mass resignations have gathered steam, Auon'tai Anderson has intensified his allegations that much of the criticism of him is race-based. That is only partly true.

Fortress DPS spurns help offer from former Denver Manager of Safety

From Fidel "Butch" Montoya: There is a growing movement to change this board. I initially opposed such a dramatic move, but it is becoming clear that the board and superintendent do not have the leadership skills to lead DPS during one of the dangerous and critical periods in its history.

DPS board focusing on everything except what matters most right now

Collectively, board members and the superintendent spent 20 minutes Monday discussing school safety.

[UPDATED] After setting squabble aside, DPS board makes a terrible decision

Monday’s Denver school board meeting offered an almost perfect microcosm of the board’s operational ineptitude over the past 16 months: struggling to get out of its own way, and then making terrible decisions when it finally does.

A Beacon Network alum urges DPS board to preserve the innovation zone

The recent proposal from DPS Superintendent Alex Marrero to revoke the district’s partnership with the Beacon Innovation Zone breaks my heart. It is deeply troubling to me that a leader like Alex Magaña, who is leading on equitable education, is being penalized for all of his hard work.

As East High parents, we demand the school board resign. More than 1,600 others agree

The current Denver Public Schools Board of Education has failed in its oversight responsibilities and has demonstrated an inability to lead and manage effectively. We are among a group of DPS parents that has banded together and launched a petition drive to demand that all seven members resign immediately.

East High shooting prods Denver school board into woefully belated action

As Wednesday’s shooting of two administrators at East High School demonstrates in the starkest possible terms, the decision by the Denver Board of Education to remove school resource officers from high schools in 2021 was a grave mistake, and one with tragic consequences. Not surprisingly, no one involved  is acknowledging this, at least not publicly. 

DPS power grab to dismantle the Beacon innovation zone is unwarranted

Why does DPS want to put an end to an organization that is showing promise? Power and control seem to be the answer.



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