Listen to these voices

Let’s set aside education policy, school board politics, and all other such matters that seem trivial at the moment. I implore you to watch the first 15 minutes or so of last night’s school board work session. The meeting’s purpose ostensibly was a quick budget discussion. But board President Carrie Olson opened the meeting by asking the board’s two African American directors, Jennifer Bacon and Tay Anderson, to say a few words about this moment in the history of our country, in the wake of the cold-blooded murder of George Floyd in Minneapolis. Their words are powerful, as are those of Angela Cobian, the only Mexican-American member of the board.

Black lives matter.

Alan Gottlieb
Alan Gottlieb is Boardhawk’s editor. Alan has been a Denver-based journalist for more than 30 years. He covered DPS for the Denver Post in the mid-1990s, worked as an education program officer for The Piton Foundation, and co-founded Education News Colorado and Chalkbeat. For the past five years, he has worked as a contract writer and communications consultant.