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Dueling perspectives on Cordova, board via Brother Jeff

Two long Facebook Live video interviews conducted over the past week by Jeff Fard, universally known as Brother Jeff, focus on whether Susana Cordova was pushed out as Denver Public Schools superintendent by the Board of Education.

Last Tuesday, three former board members among the 14 who signed a letter criticizing the current board spoke with Brother Jeff about the letter, and the extent to which sexism and racism might have played a role in Cordova’s ouster.

And on Monday, Jeannie Kaplan, a former board member who did not sign the letter, and Xochitl Gaytan of the Latino Education Forum, offered a starkly different perspective.

Each of these videos run well over an hour. But if you’re a DPS news junkie, they are well worth your time. And if you’re a more casual observer, skimming through the interviews is still enlightening.