DCTA-DPS bargaining over salary cuts streaming live today

Today's bargaining session between DPS and its teachers union will be streamed live, for those who like to observe sausage-making.

Diverse perspectives on cops in Denver schools

The vote to remove police officers from Denver Public Schools was unanimous, but opinion in the principal ranks is sharply divided.

Denver’s cops-in-schools program may end

In the wake of the George Floyd murder and sustained, impassioned protests against racist policing practices, Denver Public Schools is on the cusp of ending a longstanding agreement to host "School Resource Officers" in some of its buildings.

Wealthier districts, including DPS, may face steepest state cuts

Even more budget pain, and more grueling decisions, may lie ahead for DPS.

Ouch: Multiple crises slam teacher pension plan

The COVID-19 health and economic crisis is causing monster problems for Colorado's public sector pension system, which funds, among other thing, the retirements of public educators.

UPDATED: In current worst case, DPS could face $104 million revenue drop

Based on new state revenue projections, the district could face up ta 10 percent --$104 million -- revenue drop this fiscal year. Previously, the worst case was a 5 percent drop, totaling $61 million.

Don’t expect ‘normal’ school in DPS to start off the fall

Some blend of remote and in-person learning looks likely for the foreseeable future in DPS, Chalkbeat's Melanie Asmar reports.

Determining when to reopen schools

Here's a worthwhile read on all the factors that must be considered when deciding how and when to reopen schools. The authors believe schools should open in the fall if at all possible, but only if the proper conditions are set. 

Compass Academy won’t open a high school after all

Compass Academy, a southwest Denver charter middle school, had planned to expand and add a high school. That's no longer the case.

English language learners suffer challenges in remote learning

There's a good article by Elizabeth Hernandez in The Denver Post today about the additional challenges faced by the state's English language learners as districts have transitioned to online learning in the Covid-19 era.

For DPS budget, two scenarios: Grim and grimmer

At best, the district will face draconian cuts. At worst...well, let's not go there yet.

An important story on Colorado’s reading woes

Why do Colorado schools struggle to teach kids to read? Chalkbeat has a great explainer.

And speaking of reading…

...Journalist Emily Hanford has been doing important work examining developments in brain science that help clarify the most effective strategies for teaching young children to read. We provide links to some essential reading.

The first day of school in the Coronavirus era

DPS launches its online-only version of public schooling, an unprecedented challenge for unprecedented times.



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