Remembering Ricardo Martinez

We grieve the eternal promotion of another community servant, Ricardo Martinez, who with his wife Pam, built the powerful coalition Padres y Jóvenes Unidos, known today as Movimiento Poder.

Spreading misinformation mars DPS board members’ credibility

Give the Denver Public Schools board credit for approving contract renewals for 16 public charter schools last week. Unfortunately, a couple of board members cast their votes while spreading misinformation.

As student learning plummets, charter schools offer a path back to success

There has never been a more important time than now to re-evaluate our approach to education. We owe it to our children and families to embrace systemic change, not just incrementalism.

Honoring Dr. Bailey’s legacy by creating equity in DPS today

Because Blacks have been disparately treated in DPS for decades, true equity requires an abundance of resources to be distributed to the Black community to address these systemic inequities.

‘Community-focused’ DPS board pulls plug on community for its first meeting

Denver’s new school board got off to a bad start today by declining to livestream its first-ever meeting, a daylong retreat, despite positioning itself as the most community-responsive group of individuals ever to hold board seats.

Happy Haynes remembers Dr. Sharon Bailey

Sharon’s life reflected a lifelong commitment to educational equity and quality education, particularly for African American students. 

Indelible memories of Dr. Sharon Bailey

I will never forget Dr. Bailey’s dogged persistence advocating for an issue she deeply believed in, and the moral force of not only her arguments, but her mere presence in meetings.

In appreciation of Barbara O’Brien

Barbara’s varied professional accomplishments provide a template for others who aspire to a life of service, which Marian Wright Edelman described as “the very purpose of life, and not something you do in your spare time.”

Pay issue shows that Tay Anderson now leads the DPS board

When the new DPS board is sworn in next week, Tay Anderson, without question, will become the most powerful member of that body, and its ideological leader.

Supporting student success inside and outside the classroom

There was a lot of anxiety around social interaction when we returned to school. A lot of care and personal time and patience were necessary to make the students comfortable opening up and expressing themselves.

“Union super majority” now driving the DPS bus

Why did people vote this way? Did they like what they saw from the current board, which has had moments of dysfunction and in-fighting, muddled through pandemic disruptions, and drove out a superintendent of color who had been a career district employee?

Your vote truly matters in this low-turnout school board election

What’s clear about today’s election is that big money backing various candidates believes the stakes are high. Why else would campaign contributions to Denver candidates directly and through Independent Expenditure Committees this cycle be approaching $2 million, and will perhaps surpass the $2.28 million spent in 2019?

A legacy of dedication: Elect the leaders our kids deserve

The stakes in the Denver Public School board elections have never been higher. he board must move from internal conflict and self-directed focus to a dedicated focus on the students.

Union-backed mailers include misleading, inaccurate claims

A teachers union-backed Independent Expenditure Committee is going deeply negative in Denver school board races, with misleading claims and glaring factual errors.

“Major” incidents increasing, absence of police in schools is DPS superintendent’s first test

From the beginning of school in late August through the end of September, DPS, (like school systems around the country) has experienced a significant spike in violence and drug violations in and around its schools. The Denver school board last year ordered the removal of 18 Denver Police Department School Resource Officers effective this school year.



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