The controversy over CRT is all smoke and mirrors

Many Americans are embracing falsehoods about what is actually being taught in schools. Scholars also fear that this embrace of misinformation means that terms intended to help students develop as culturally proficient citizens will all be thrown into the bucket of “CRT.”

An open letter to Superintendent Alex Marrero

Dear Dr. Marrero, Welcome to Denver and your first day on the job as superintendent of Denver Public Schools. here are several pieces of unsolicited advice.

A Fulbright in Poland: My journey to change health outcomes in my community

I first started thinking about medicine around the time I was in middle school. My mom was pregnant and the closest clinic to us was 35-40 miles away.

Student voice: The plague of racism in our schools

As a society, it’s our obligation to dismantle these oppressive systems, and our first priority should be to end systemic racism in our schools. We can’t do that without the help of educators.

Removing obstacles so kids can learn: Family Advocacy Support Teams at Rocky Mountain Prep

Our efforts at Rocky Mountain Prep to connect families to resources, and to help our scholars by meeting basic needs in the fastest manner possible gave rise to the Family Advocacy Support Team (FAST).

DSA’s expansion: What is the actual plan?

Nearly all families at DSA welcomed the idea of serving a more diverse student population, and I imagine few people anywhere would oppose this goal on its face. As with most things, however, it is much more complicated than it initially appears.

Excellent school governance is rooted in good character

As a leader in the charter school community, I have observed one additional quality of effective governance: excellent school governance is rooted in good character.

Who’s looking out for our children?

Do Dr. Alex Marrero and Director Tay Anderson deserve the opportunity to respond to these claims? Yes, absolutely. Should those with valid claims be afraid or intimidated from seeking justice because of the public trust that Dr. Marrero and Director Anderson enjoy? No, absolutely not.

Young people are crying out: We need more mental health support

As a group of high school students from both urban and rural communities, we are banding together to make sure school systems prioritize our mental health. We have communicated that we need consistent mental health support, yet we are not receiving it.

DPS superintendent search flawed; board needs to extend recruiting

Whatever the results of the DPS superintendent search, the district must do some serious self-analysis to determine why many educators are passing up the opportunity to lead the district.

Denver superintendent search: Who wants this job anyway?

There are already rumblings of dissatisfaction with the the three finalists to become Denver's next schools superintendent. But it isn't exactly a plum job at this moment in time.

Districts must direct stimulus funds to students with greatest needs — but will they?

With more than $1.1 billion in stimulus dollars flowing into Colorado school districts over the next year, the big question is: will the students in greatest need of support get it, and in what form?

Why language immersion education matters to families

Three Denver Language School parents write about why language immersion education is important to their families. 

Bacon’s blatantly anti-charter bill should fool no one

Coming from a school board member who consistently trumpets her commitment to community voice, House Bill 21-1295 reeks not only of pique at the state board but hypocrisy as well.

Denver innovation zone supporters are right to be worried

The hundreds of community members who rallied last week to support school innovation zones are right to worry that the school board will ignore their pleas.



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