RAAD’s vision for arts-based learning needed in Denver’s Far Northeast

It is evident there is a gap in arts-based learning models in the Far Northeast, and our no-audition, public charter school model will provide every student with an opportunity to explore and develop their talents, in an area where there’s an urgent need for arts-based learning.

New charter would celebrate Black excellence, nurture Black students

We worry the Denver Public Schools Board of Education won’t see the tremendous value our school will have; instead, we fear our application will be sunk by reductive conversations about declining enrollment and by divisive anti-charter rhetoric.

Lack of clarity over academic goals, measurements shows DPS is adrift

A lack of clarity on academic goals for Denver Public Schools is emblematic of the district's and school board's struggles and strategic incoherence.

KIPP Colorado: 20 years of closing opportunity gaps and disrupting systems

I am here because I believe in the promise of KIPP Colorado’s mission and vision. I have deep ambitions for KIPP to provide the best educational outcomes for under-resourced populations; to set the stage and pave the way for what it means to see an educational community thrive with joy, love, identity affirmation and rigor.

Mental Health Awareness Month means validating our student experiences

This Mental Health Awareness Month we must listen to the stories of young people in Colorado, who, in significant numbers, have been facing a mental health crisis. I know the need for this firsthand because I went through my own mental health struggles in high school.

Denver innovation foes devolving into circular firing squad

The extent to which Denver Public Schools and its board are stumbling and bumbling through an ill-conceived effort to limit the freedoms of their 52 innovation schools would be comical if the stakes for children weren’t so high

School climate bill helps fill in a missing piece

If passed, this legislation would update Colorado’s policies, practices, and data frameworks to make data about students’ experiences at school more transparent and to ensure that every student learns in an environment that is positive, safe and inclusive.

Ednium: Championing financial literacy is an investment in the future

The initial idea to champion a financial literacy campaign started in 2019 when alumni partners came together in Ednium’s Design Lab to identify issues they could impact in public-school education.

Is it really that hard to talk?

For the last 19 years as a parent and 15 years being professionally engaged, I have heard the rhetoric of engagement and longed for the reality of it. But the more things change, the more they stay the same.

5 percent of Denver’s Black, Latino 3rd-graders are reading at grade level. That’s an emergency.

Reading at grade level by the end of third grade is considered predictive of future academic success. Yet according to the data, just 5 percent of Black third-graders and 5 percent of Latino third-graders met or exceeded grade level in assessments given last fall.

Simplified innovation school attack remains just as toxic

Simplified or not, the bottom line – curtailing the freedoms of innovation schools – remains the same. It’s a bad idea, and a classic case of a solution in search of a problem

Two principals explain why the fight for Denver innovation schools matters

The current attempt by the board to limit the strategic plans of innovation schools is built on a fundamentally flawed argument because it assumes that the innovation schools are the problem.

Denver innovation school parents to board: Don’t create solution in search of a problem

It is clear to us that the so-called executive limitations on “Standard Teacher Rights and Protections” represent a solution in search of a nonexistent problem. The Denver Board of Education would be wise to turn its attention instead to the profound challenges facing the district as we cope with the fallout from two-plus years of disrupted learning.

Denver school board needs to shift its focus to student learning – now

Denver Public Schools staff presented some troubling student learning data to the school board recently, but the board seemed largely uninterested.

Rocky Mountain Prep goes above and beyond to serve my son

What Rocky Mountain Prep has done for my family over the years just goes to show how a small school community can be responsive in ways larger schools or districts can’t be.



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