Teachers must understand how students learn to read

I learned then the importance of phonics instruction and the progression from sounds to words, to phrases, to sentences, to paragraphs, and so on. These foundational facts changed the way I approached teaching middle and high school. 

There’s huge need for full-time summer school, yet it won’t happen

If we can at least agree that the 2020-21 school year has exacerbated opportunity gaps and increased the likelihood that students suffering the consequences of those gaps have fallen farther behind their more affluent peers, then optional, full-time summer school provides an obvious, if partial, remedy.

DPS board members tightening vise on charter schools

After last week’s Denver school board work session, charter school students, parents, staff, and boards have legitimate reasons to worry about their future in Denver Public Schools.

High-schoolers need financial education

I think it’s essential for young people to understand the value of savings, credit, interest rates and investing to build the future every one of us deserves, and attain generational wealth.

Yes, we should have limited state tests this year

In the days before mandated state testing, schools could hide their dismal service to these children behind vague, aggregated data that masked opportunity gaps from public view.

Remote learning: A tale of two learners (and a mom)

I have now had direct experience with what many educators have known for decades: No two learners are created equal. And like most parents, I have a new appreciation for the work of our teachers, para-professionals, student support counselors and administrators. 

A love letter to my culture and a word for my teachers

While I love highlighting all things Black, I know that equity doesn’t come through Black history month. Equity comes from listening to the needs/desires of community, being accountable to community, and taking action to make systemic change happen.

An African immigrant’s perspective on the teaching of Black history

I challenge my fellow immigrants to develop an understanding of oppression that Black Americans face in this country. I believe it starts with education.

DPS glossed over real Black history

To me, it isn’t very democratic when pretty much every level of government is trying to keep the oppression of marginalized Americans intact. Unfortunately, I had to wait until college to learn any of this real history.

My Black history education missed the true story

Growing up in a community that has been and still is heavily affected by gang culture taught me two major realities about the condition of my people: We don’t care about our people’s lives, and we are at war.

Battling inequities and finding a home: A Black woman educator’s journey

I made multiple attempts at trying to make the best decisions for kids that look like me, and as you can imagine that did not last long. My pushback to do what's right for kids was not accepted so I had to move on. Those experiences in St. Louis brought me to where I am now -- Denver, Colorado.

State tests in 2021? It’s complicated

It seems obvious that conducting scaled-back state testing this year is a good idea -- until you consider the logistical hurdles.

School choice should exist within my neighborhood

The dialogue about school choice, traditional vs. innovation vs. charter, etc., rarely seems to be centered around how exactly students will be supported, but mainly where they will go to school. Quality of education and supporting our students needs to become the focal point of any conversation.

Meet T. Michael, Boardhawk’s ‘new kid’

Boardhawk's new community reporter, T. Michael Boddie, introduces himself. "People deserve the confidence that not just teachers, but districts and other community leaders are doing all they can to nurture students’ abilities and talents through education."

Our students are watching history unfold

Two educators from Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Early College write: As challenging as the last year has been, we’re heartened that our students have had more questions about politics and current events than we’ve seen before in our careers.



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