A template for taking DPS backwards

The Covid-19 calamity presents an opportunity for all sides to come together to create a new vision for what public education might look like in Denver when we emerge from the pandemic. We offer a respectful counterpoint to some recently floated ideas.

The black excellence resolution rhetoric (Part I)

The structure and systems remain in place. Supremacy ideology continues to choke the potential of this district to be anything but talk when it comes to transforming the lived realities of black children, families, communities, teachers and leaders.

Be thankful for strong educational leadership during COVID-19 crisis

Two educator-moms are leading Denver Public Schools through the COVID-19 crisis. They help us remember something we too often forget: Parents deserve a major voice in their children's education.

Goodbye friends, here is my resignation from the so-called “education reform movement”

I must stop obsessing about poor families being on a predictable path to economic exile, and remember that the white middle-class college-educated people working public school jobs with full benefits are the real victims of the system.

Going negative is easy. How about some actual ideas?

What is remarkable is that Jeannie Kaplan can pen a 2,000-word screed and offer not a single affirmative idea about how to improve Denver Public Schools.



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