From A+ Colorado: As October count starts, how many students are disengaged?

The annual October count, which helps determine state funding of school districts, is a good time to take stock of how engaged or disengaged kids are in learning during the pandemic.

At South High, no in-person classes through December

There will be no in-person classes at South High School through December, students and parents learned Thursday evening.

DPS board poised to reject DSST Noel High School

In yet another move away from school choice for families, the Denver Public Schools board signaled Monday that it is likely to reject the opening next year of a previously approved DSST charter high school.

Two rising seniors reflect on a strange year

Last March, with classes, SAT prep and other stresses, we needed a break. Little did we know how long it would last, and how disruptive it would be.

New innovation schools, policy changes shelved until 2021

Denver Public Schools is proposing a one year pause on approval of new innovation schools and zones, as well as any possible changes to how innovation plans get adopted.

Schools, funder getting creative with outdoor learning space, pod

A local foundation is paying for large event tents for outdoor classrooms at three Park Hill elementary schools, as well as a learning pod for low-income kids from three other schools in northeast Denver.

A thorny question: If schools are essential, why are they closed?

If education is an essential function of our society, close behind the medical profession even during a pandemic, then why are so many public schools closed to in-person learning? That's the provocative question Mike Miles posed during a recent talk. Listen to it here.

School board: Don’t send your kids to pandemic pods

Denver's seven-member board of education has posted on its website a lengthy letter urging parents not to enroll their children in so-called pandemic pods because doing so could "exacerbate academic and opportunity gaps among our children."

UPDATED: Vast disparities in parent fundraising hamper equity efforts

Records obtained through a Colorado Open Records Act (CORA) request show that of the 20 Denver elementary schools where parent fundraising brought in the most money, 18 had student populations that were at least two-thirds white. Those schools brought in on average $439,940 per school over the past three years.

Magnitude of DPS budget apocalypse comes into focus

It became clear Monday that Denver Public Schools budget cuts are gong to reach into every corner of the district.

Counterpoint: How the Reimagine SPF Committee got it right

Two school leaders who served on the Reimagine SPF committee for Denver Public Schools offer a counterpoint to a recent column that was critical of some of the committee's recommendations

DCTA to DPS board: Gut innovation school plans now. Principals: Timing is ‘deeply alarming.’

The Denver teachers union is pressuring the school board to rush a vote that could gut innovation schools, prompting more than 40 innovation school leaders to urge a focus instead on the needs of children and their families until the COVID-19 crisis passes.

Welcome to Boardhawk. Here’s what we’re about

Boardhawk is an independent service dedicated to community-based commentary and advocacy-focused coverage of Denver Public Schools and its recently reconfigured Board of Education.

Controversial resolution on innovation school waiver votes shelved — for now

A Denver school board resolution that could have effectively gutted the plans that drive innovation schools has been shelved until later this year, after an outcry from some principals prompted the board sponsor to reopen a dialogue on the issue.

Groups ask DPS board to pause SPF committee work

A broad-based coalition of community groups and schools want a committee pondering changes to DPS' school rating system to hit pause until the pandemic abates.



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