Innovation zone leaders see new law as a step forward

In the end, supporters of innovation schools and zones did not get everything they wanted out of a new state law offering an added layer of dispute resolution when innovation zone plans are changed or status is revoked, but they’re framing it as a step forward nonetheless.

For DSST seniors, exciting futures come into focus

One by one, each school paraded its seniors to the stage to make their big announcement. Each announcement was followed by thunderous cheers and more than a few tears.

DPS move to muzzle innovation dissent generates big blowback

If Superintendent Alex Marrero and his team intended to calm the storm that has erupted during the past month over the attempt to limit innovation school freedoms, a letter intended to muzzle dissent appears to have backfired. In fact, district employees are becoming more outspoken in their displeasure over a multitude of issues they say are being mishandled by the current administration.

Under heavy pressure, DPS board members demand more information on impact of innovation school changes

Four Denver school board members have requested from Superintendent Alex Marrero a school-by-school inventory of how recently approved changes to policy could negatively affect the school district’s 52 innovation schools.

Coming Friday: Boardhawk’s first social media takeover

Our Instagram account will be taken over by the Hernandez family Friday at 5 p.m.. Matthew is a fourth-grader at Rocky Mountain Prep Creekside, and his mother, Anabell, has some thoughts to share, along with compelling photos and videos.

UPDATED: DPS details new innovation school limitations

A memo sent this week to Denver innovation school leaders from Denver Public Schools officials delineates in stark terms just how many flexibilities previously granted to the schools will be stripped away by a recent Board of Education policy change.

Total Denver school board time talking student learning since November: 41 minutes

Since taking office last Nov. 30, the Denver school board has spent less than 2 percent of its time together discussing and asking questions about student learning and academics, a review of board agendas and meeting recordings shows.

Divided, embittered Denver board approves innovation school curbs

The board debate before the vote revealed deep fissures among members, who, in the wake of last November’s election, appeared to represent a unified progressive coalition.

Ex-state senator says curtailing innovation school waivers would be illegal

Stripping some autonomy from Denver's 52 innovation schools would be an illegal move by the Board of Education, a former state senator asserts in a letter sent to the board.

Amid dissent, innovation changes could be modified by Denver school board

A proposal led by two Denver school board members to curtail some of the autonomies bestowed on the district’s 52 innovation schools by state law is likely to be modified and perhaps delayed after a tense debate during a day-long meeting Thursday.

Parents vent frustrations over proposed Denver innovation school changes

Denver Public Schools board members received an earful Tuesday evening from parents and teachers who said they fear a proposed new policy would gut the autonomy of the district’s innovation schools.

Denver elementary wants to preserve its right to innovate

Teachers at the Center for Talent Development who rely on flexibility in terms of hours and teaching duties, have said they do not understand why the school is moving to curtail innovation schools like theirs.

Innovation school leaders vent their frustration with DPS board

Board members got an earful on Wednesday and Thursday nights during a town hall meeting and a work session from innovation school leaders, who’ve relied in part on waivers from the teachers’ union requirements to provide a unique educational experience for their students.

Colorado charter school law remains nation’s second best

From a Colorado League of Charter Schools press release: Colorado continues to have the nation’s second-best public charter school laws, according to a ranking released...

Denver school board ponders stripping some flexibility from innovation schools

The teachers union-friendly Denver school board will consider stripping some flexibility from the district's innovation schools and zones, a high priority for the local union.



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