Parents vent frustrations over proposed Denver innovation school changes

Denver Public Schools board members received an earful Tuesday evening from parents and teachers who said they fear a proposed new policy would gut the autonomy of the district’s innovation schools.

Denver elementary wants to preserve its right to innovate

Teachers at the Center for Talent Development who rely on flexibility in terms of hours and teaching duties, have said they do not understand why the school is moving to curtail innovation schools like theirs.

Innovation school leaders vent their frustration with DPS board

Board members got an earful on Wednesday and Thursday nights during a town hall meeting and a work session from innovation school leaders, who’ve relied in part on waivers from the teachers’ union requirements to provide a unique educational experience for their students.

Colorado charter school law remains nation’s second best

From a Colorado League of Charter Schools press release: Colorado continues to have the nation’s second-best public charter school laws, according to a ranking released...

Denver school board ponders stripping some flexibility from innovation schools

The teachers union-friendly Denver school board will consider stripping some flexibility from the district's innovation schools and zones, a high priority for the local union.

Meet Clarence Burton Jr, CEO of Denver Families for Public Schools

"The story that you'll see in my professional arc, is working to ensure that as many kids as possible, especially those who come from a background similar to mine and face similar challenges, have access to high quality education, regardless of what they look like, how much money their parents have, or what zip code they they live in."

Denver school board votes to renew 16 public charter schools

The Denver school board approved contract renewals for 16 charter schools Thursday, even as the board president continued to spread false information about charter schools' impact on district enrollment.

Boardhawk is hiring a reporter!

Boardhawk is hiring a part-time community reporter to cover Denver Public Schools and its Board of Education.

Upcoming school board vote will decide fate of 17 Denver charter schools

Sixteen of the 17 Denver charter schools with contracts up for renewal got a recommendation from Denver Public Schools staff to continue operating. 

Denver school board members explain their Marrero contract extension votes

The two dissenting board members and a vociferous champion of the contract extension explained their votes at the conclusion of last Thursday's DPS board meeting.

Fall elementary reading scores paint worrisome picture for Denver Public Schools

The percentage of K-3 DPS students reading “significantly below grade level” had remained steady between 21% and 23% in the past five years. This year, that number jumped up to 31%. 

Update: Latino group opposes Marrero contract extension

The new Denver school will vote Thursday to extend Superintendent Alex Marrero's contract from two to four years, just five months into his tenure and before any kind of performance evaluation has been started, let alone completed.

UPDATED: Denver school board ponders big changes to charter school renewal criteria

Some board members made it clear that, in a perfect world, they would like to shorten the length of charter renewals and have an option not to renew a charter if its enrollment slips below a certain, as-yet undefined threshold.

UPDATED: Leaving office, O’Brien expresses worry, hope for new Denver school board

"We tend to drift into adult issues, and I’m worried that there won’t be a laser focus on how students are doing,” eight-year incumbent Barbara O'Brien said moments after her board service ended Tuesday evening.

DPS board approves pay for new, reelected members

A divided Denver school board voted Thursday to pay incoming and future board members for their service.



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